The mission of The I W.A.N.T Foundation is to promote breast cancer awareness and to provide comfort and counseling, mentoring and assistance to breast cancer patients, their families, and the community.


To promote breast cancer awareness through motivational speaking, individual and family counseling, mentoring, assistance, fundraising, and to create products that provide comfort to breast cancer patients after surgery.

The I WANT Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to Wanda Thomas (left), Andrea and Nikki's biological mother and Ike's first wife; and Madgeline Surles, (right), Andrea and Nikki's aunt, Wanda's sister. Wanda and Madge both lost their battle with breast cancer at an early age, but we will win the war!

HISTORY of the I W.A.N.T. Foundation

The history of The I W.A.N.T. Foundation dates back to more than 25 years when our mother, Wanda Jean (Archie) Thomas was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the early age of 33. During that time, breast cancer was not as prevalent as it is today and a lot of research had not been done on this daunting disease. Our mother died a year later. Our mother's younger sister, our aunt, Madgeline Surles, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer a year before our mother at the age of 29. She died five years later at 34. Another one of our mother’s sisters and our aunt, Arie LaVergne was diagnosed at the age 36 and is currently in remission. Our mother’s father, our grandfather, passed on the BRCA 1 gene from his mother who died from breast cancer and three of her daughters as well.

History has a habit of repeating itself and it is evident in our family history.Wanda’s oldest daughter (Andy) was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of 32. Since then, Andy had five reoccurrences as the cancer spread from her breast to her lungs, brain and then spinal cord before succumbing to this dreadful disease in October 2, 2010 at the age of 37. I am Wanda’s youngest daughter, (Nikki) and I was diagnosed with bi- lateral triple negative breast cancer at the age of 32. I completed my last chemotherapy treatment in October, 2008...by his stripes, I am healed!

We have been blessed with an awesome, patient, loving and caring Second Mom, LaTonya (Toni) Thomas who has been by our side since she married the best father in the world, Ike Thomas, in 1990. Because of her passion for helping others and our vision to make a difference in the lives of other survivors, we decided to do something about it.

Thus began our desire to reach out to women to promote early testing and also young women and their families who have been impacted by this horrible disease.

I W.A.N.T. stands for Ike, Wanda, Andrea, Nikki, and Toni. We are The I W.A.N.T. Foundation, Inc. and we WANT to make a difference.

Will you join us in our Fight to the Finish?

Session I: "How Can I Help My Wife?"

Audience: Husbands of Breast Cancer Survivors Days/Time: Please call to schedule. All sessions are one hour in length unless otherwise noted.


Executive Director, Ike Thomas, provides leadership and guidance for the foundation. Ike is a retired juvenile probation and parole officer with Dallas County and former National Football League Player for the Dallas Cowboys. Ike will be inducted into the Texas Black Hall of Fame in December of 2009. Ike holds a BA in Physical Education from Bishop College. Ike is married to LaTonya "Toni" Thomas and is the father of one son, Brannon and three daughters, breast cancer survivors Andrea and Nikki and daughter Kayla. Ike's first wife, Wanda Thomas, ended her battle with breast cancer in 1985. He's a true advocate for the cause. Ike is available for individual and group counseling. Ike offers free one hour sessions; session titles are below. For more information or to schedule a session, please call 214.395.9067 or email ike@iwantfoundation.org.

Session II: "A Father's Role in a Daughter's Journey"

Audience: Fathers of Breast Cancer Survivors Days/Time: Please call to schedule. All sessions are one hour in length unless otherwise noted.

Associate Director, Nikki Thomas-Freeman, directs the creative projects for the foundation. Nikki has a BA in Communications from Texas Southern University, and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Nikki was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32. She is passionate about bringing awareness to young women and sharing her story of her journey. Nikki is a motivational speaker and would love to share her story with you.  Nikki is also a member of 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., (Gamma Psi Chapter). Nikki is available for individual and group counseling and motivational speaking engagements. Nikki offers free one hour sessions. Her session titles are below. For more information or to schedule a session, please call  or by email, nikki@iwantfoundation.org.

Session I: "Been There, Done That"

Audience: Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients  Days/Time: Please call to schedule. All sessions are one hour in length unless otherwise noted.

Session II: "Can I Join You On Your Journey?"

Audience: Breast Cancer Patients Days/Time: Please call 832-792-1709 to schedule. All sessions are one hour in length unless otherwise noted.

Project Director, LaTonya "Toni" Thomas, provides project coordination and marketing/fundraising for the foundation. Toni is a computer analyst with the U.S. Department of Energy. Toni is married to Ike Thomas and is the mother of one daughter, Kayla and second mother to breast cancer survivors, Andrea and Nikki. Toni's compassion for helping others led her to the creation of the Sandra McCarthy Pass a Pillow Project. Toni, along with Pass a Pillow seamstress' works tirelessly to make sure others are comforted during their journeys, especially after surgery. For more information on the Pass a Pillow Project or if you would like pillows donated to your hospital, please call 214.395.3477 or email toni@iwantfoundation.org.