Andrea's Journey

Andy…you are what FAITH “looks” like…

From Andrea (Andy):

To everyone that has said a prayer for me or spoke kind words to support me on my journey I am grateful! The last five years of my life tested my faithfulness and courage, but because of God, I stayed faithful and stayed hopeful that HE would heal me. God did heal me! I am in no more pain and I am suffering no more! I am with my father in Heaven. Please continue to pray for my husband, my precious son Trei, and the rest of my family as they mourn the loss of a wife, mother, sister, daughter, niece, granddaughter cousin and friend, but also as they celebrate my victory.

Thank you for touching my life in your own unique way.
My Journey is Now Over,
Andrea "Andy" Parker


In October 2005, Andy was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. In April of 2010, Andy received yet more news that her cancer had spread yet again, now for a fifth time. The cancer had spread to other parts of her body including her brain. She was under the care of doctors at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston where she underwent the Gamma Knife radiation procedure in late July 2010.

However, more tests were done after she continued to be in pain and that's when she found out that she had Leptomeningeal Disease or LMD which is the spread of cancer from the brain to the spinal fluid. Because of the cancer in her spinal fluid, Andy was unable to walk. Andy was released from M.D. Anderson Hospital August 21, 2010. The doctors gave her two weeks to live, but Andy LIVED for five weeks.

During that time, she was able to go out to dinner and spend a day in Galveston. Andy fought until she couldn't fight anymore and God decided it was time to bring his angel home. Andy left us peacefully early Friday morning, October 2, 2010 at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.


You have always been my rock; your strength amazed me. God definitely chooses the strong ones. These last five years have had their ups and downs but through it all you remained faithful and strong. Your fight will live
on through me and your story of courage and faithfulness will continue to be shared as God increases my territory. My promise to you is to keep fighting for you, for myself and for our family. Your life has not been in vain!

Love you so much,
Nikki (N.T.)

To My Oldest Sister

Andrea I have always looked at you as a warrior all my life. Your strength and courage never ceased to amaze me! I am truly blessed to have a sister like you. Romans 1:17 says "And Jesus said unto them ... , "If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you." He said he'll never leave you nor forsake you and I believe just that.

Love you always,