Toni Thomas married into a family of women who have the breast cancer gene. She calls her grown step-daughters her daughters; they call her their second Mom. 

Their biological Mother died of breast cancer, their aunt died of breast cancer and the two daughters had breast cancer.  One daughter, Nikki lives in Dallas. Her cousin gave her a mastectomy pillow after her double mastectomy and Nikki loved that pillow. 

Toni saw how it improved her recovery and she decided to get her friends to help her make pillows for breast cancer patients. She calls the operation Pass A Pillow.

Margie Maier is also a double mastectomy patient and she also loves her pillow.  She told me that in the weeks after surgery there’s pain and a raw feeling: everything hurts.

The adjustable straps of the pillow are placed on her shoulders and the pillow is a soft, pretty barrier between everyday surfaces that never bother the rest of us.

Each pillow is stuffed with hypo-allergenic stuffing, covered in pretty fabric and wrapped in tissue paper.

Toni told me it’s important that Pass A Pillow look like a gift for women who are in pain. Each Pass A Pillow is given out free and since July of 2007 Toni and her friends have made more than 400 Pass A Pillows.

This effort is a labor of love. Toni’s friends gather at her home twice a month to sew, stuff and wrap. 

Local hospitals have recognized Pass A Pillow as a worthwhile volunteer effort that brightens and improves the lives of breast cancer patients.

This volunteer service is 100% supported by donations from the community. The women donate their sewing talent.

If you’d like to support them by donating fabric and supplies you can call my Hometown Hero, Toni Thomas at 972.291.9642.